A website within one week for only €499,-

You, a driven (creative) entrepreneur. You would like to have your website online as quickly as possible, so that all your potential visitors/customers can find you as soon as possible.

Together we can make your website and place it live within 1 week for no less than €499,- excl. VAT.

A website that is in your own control and which can grow with you and your company.


A website is essential for your company. Regardless of size or sector. 

Just think about how you search for companies. It becomes difficult if you cannot be found online or if there is too little information available.

Another advantage is that you manage your online visibility yourself. Make sure that you are not solely dependent on external parties, such as various social media platforms. You never know what will happen in this fast-paced online world. Before you know it, the platform will be down and you can no longer be found online.

Ok, the big boys may not go off the air anytime soon, but it would be a shame if your company only had visibility through such a channel.

A website helps strengthen your mission and vision and can increase communication (24/7) with your target group.

What do you get:

  • A free WordPress Premium Theme (worth: €89,-)
  • Responsive design
  • A choosing of 3 templates that match your company
  • Placing texts and images up to a maximum of 4 pages (for example: home, contact, about us and services.)*

  • Placing 1 contact form
  • Including 1 week of maintenance and inspection after website delivery

*You suplly the texts and images yourself

The advantages of a WordPress website, made by Sakkers Webcare:

As a starting entrepeneur you will be visible online wthin 1 week

Full ownership of your website

You get a theme and pagebuilder completely free

Professional approach

Responsive design

Complete care, so you can focus on your own business

Fast and well-organised site

Clear and open communication

Support en service

Step-by-step plan

  • Step 1: Do you already have a domain name and a hosting package? Great! Continue to step 2. If you don’t have a domain name yet, no problem. First think of a good name for your website and sign it up with a hosting service.* Need help choosing a hosting service? I can help you with this, please contact me.

  • Step 2: Which industry are you active in? Based on this answer, I will show you 3 designs that fit well with your industry. Were you able to make a choice? Nice! Go to step 3.

  • Step 3: Here I need your help to get your website off the ground as quickly as possible. I need login details (so I can install everything) and I need texts and images. Do you have everything ready? Great! On to step 4.

  • Step 4: Here I will create your website. I’m going to install WordPress and I will give you a free theme with a handy page builder (worth €89). I create a maximum of 4 pages and fill them in with the text and images provided. If you have a preference for where something will be placed, please indicate this in advance.

  • Step 5: Together we walk through the entire site and put the finishing touches.

  • Step 6: Congratulations, the website is live!

Hi, my name is Rowanne

Your rock, when it comes to realizing your mission and vision online. Your go-to person to create or renew your website and/or webshop.

I enjoy nothing more than creating beautiful and unique websites.

Because creating a strong and personal website is a bit more involved than just pasting some text and images onto a page. It is your brand, a glimpse into the world of your company.

I’ll pay attention to the small details, and take care of the difficult matters (think of the functional and technical side). I not only look at the wishes of the website owner, but also at the visitor. How can your visitor (and potential customer!) best surf through your website?

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