Branding for your business

Your logo is the face of your company. It’s the first thing potential customers see, and it’s the first impression they get of you. It is important that your logo is professional, recognizable and memorable.

What are the benefits?

A unique logo that sets you apart from the competition

It helps to increase your brand awareness

Branding that is appealing to your target audience

It can help to future-proof your company

It helps to build trust with your customers

With good branding you can ensure that your company becomes successful

Together we work on your branding that meets your needs and reflects your brand identity. I analyze your business objectives, target group and competition to create effective branding.

Strong branding exudes self-confidence, because this image is the same everywhere. Whether you are a large or small company.

Good design is important for a website because it ensures that the website is attractive and user-friendly. An attractive website is one that looks good and attracts the visitor’s attention. A user-friendly website is one that is easy to navigate and where the visitor can easily find what he or she is looking for.

If you don’t need a completely new branding, but just a logo, that is also possible.


Do you want the complete package? Logo, colors, fonts. For your website, business card, email signature, flyers, etc.

Logo design

Do you only need a logo? That is also possible. Request a quote for a unique and recognizable logo.

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Step 1: Introduction

We start with a introductory meeting. This can be done by telephone, video call or a live meeting. During this introduction, we will use a number of questions to clearly identify your wishes and options. Once we have a concrete picture, we can set the right objective.

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Step 2: Design

Based on your requirements and your input, I will prepare your designs. And I will make them into one.

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Step 3: Feedback round

Based on your feedback, I will refine the corporate identity/logo until everyone is happy with the result.

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Step 4: Delivery

After the feedback round, I deliver the final product. You will receive a ZIP file with all the elements that have been designed.

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Step 5: Done!

Time for bubbles! Because you have your logo and/or entire branding.


JDA Real Estate Services

For JDA real estate service company I designed the entire branding. From logo to fonts, the invoice lay-out, emailsignature and the whole website.

Rent A House In Amstelveen

For Rent a house in Amstelveen I designed the entire branding, which I used in the website.

Rembrandt in Colours

Artist Renno Peter has created beautiful screen prints of a Rembrandt van Rijn work, in various colours. I designed the logo and website for Renno.

Your website’s content

Web design is an important part of creating a successful website. Good design ensures that the website is attractive and user-friendly. The components of web design, such as logo, elements, template design and drawings, all play a role in creating a good design.

Keeping your web content fresh and making sure everything is up-to-date will keep your website attractive to visitors and search engines.

Website wordt altijd snel, goed en mooi onderhouden. Leuke ideeën voor Social Media met foto’s en tekst, aangepast op onze salon en wensen. We zijn blij met Rowanne haar service en kwaliteiten en staat altijd voor ons klaar!

Sofie Hofman

Hofman Kappers

Creatief en efficient, Sakkers Webcare denkt met je mee en duikt in je wereld, betrouwbaar in afspraken en heldere communicatie. Als je al superveel zelf moet bedenken is dat goud waard. Goede ideetjes, praktische insteek en duidelijkheid. Enorme aanrader!

Tosca Soraya Otten

Fashion & Textile designer

Communiqué, afwerking en onderhoud van website altijd accuraat en op tijd! Creatief en op maat geven van advies en uitvoering! Super aan te raden om je eigen site te maken.

Annie Gerretsen

Performer | Productie

The possibilities 

Maintaining web content

You already have a WordPress website and you need help maintaining the content of your website.

Editing website content

Need help customising your website and or webshop images and elements to keep your website/webshop load time fast.

Branding and/or Logo

Do you need the complete package (logo, colors, fonts and design) or only logo design for your website, business card, flyers etc.

Handmade drawings

Handmade drawings create a unique design on website, book or brochures. See what I can do for you.

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