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See below a small selection of my previous and current projects.

Tosca Soraya Otten
2022 – Present

At the beginning of 2022, Tosca Soraya Otten started a RE-Branding of her label. I have updated the website for:  workwith.toscasorayaotten.com

I am responsible for the maintenance of the website for the Tosca Soraya Otten label. I edit and fill the website with new content, such as editorials, new pages and new images. In addition, I create an online lookbook for every new collection, in which I bring together images, GIFs and videos as a whole.

“Meet TOSCA SORAYA OTTEN. A fashion creative that offers services in fashion design, styling and mentoring.”

JDA Real Estate Services – 2023 – present

I developed the logo and the entire corporate identity for JDA Real Estate Services. I also built a website for JDA. View the website now: JDA Real Estate Serviceswith logo and corporate identity. I also designed an email signature with hyperlinks for Juliette, which she could implement in her Outlook program.

TOS Gallery 2018 – 2022

For the Tos gallery label I am responsible for the maintenance of the website and webshop. I edit and fill the website with new content, such as editorials, products for the webshop, new images for the homepage. In addition, I create an online lookbook for each new collection, in which images, GIFs and videos come together as one.

At the beginning of 2022, Tosca Soraya Otten is working on a RE-Branding of her label. I have made a new websiteworkwith.toscasorayaotten.com

TOS gallery is a conceptbrand founded by Tosca Soraya Otten in 2016. The designer is creating valuable pieces that are unique and made by hand in The Netherlands.”

Hofman Kappers
2018 – present

I manage the website for Hofman Kappers and take care of the maintenance, spam optimization and loading speed of the website.

I am also responsible for the layout/layout of the newsletters, which I create and send via Mailchimp.

Hofman Kappers, 14 years in De Pijp in Amsterdam. A prime location, in the Frans Halsstraat, beautiful in the center of Amsterdam”

Translation agency Polydioma
2018 – present

I maintain the website for Polydioma. In addition, I am responsible for improving the website and relevant content: such as news items, homepage, word of the week, spam optimization and website speed.

“Polydioma is een gerenommeerd vertaalbureau dat al bijna 45 jaar staat voor ervaring, kennis, service en dus kwaliteit, in combinatie met persoonlijke aandacht. Of het nu gaat om een technische vertaling of een juridische vertaling, bij ons bent u aan het juiste adres.”

Marja Gamal
2021 – present

I designed the website for Marja Gamal where she introduces herself and where you can order the online lessons “van adem tot zang”. I also ensure that the website is up to date every month.

Marja Gamal: Zingen is een van de meest basale creatieve uitdrukkingsvormen van de mens. Zingen, dansen en tekenen doen we allemaal van jongs af aan…Mijn hele leven gaat over zingen.”

Rent A House In Amstelveen
2020 – present

For Rent A House In Amstelveen I’ve built a multilingual website. The website is a presentation of a home that can rented by students and/or expats. I also take care of maintenance and relevant content on a monthly basis.

Annie Gerretsen
2019 – present

I designed the website for Annie Gerretsen.

Ever since, I have also been responsible for the maintenance and adjustments of the website.

“Annie Gerretsen. Aunt Annie, Performance, Spoken Word, Vocals, Production Assistant and Presenter. As a performer she completely surrenders to the moment. She presents her poems and songs in her own unique style. In two words: Sparkling and endearing. Check out her website for more informationAnnie Gerretsen.”

Alain Klein
2021 – present

Abstract Art made by Alain Klein in Amsterdam

View Alain Klein’s art collection, cool videos, previous and current exhibitions on this website.

“I work abstractly, mainly with acrylic but also with ink, chalk and coffee. I use a brush, brush, palette knife, wood, pen, marker, spray can, Portuguese toilet brushes to apply.” – Alain Klein

Art website Renno Peter 2023 – present

For Renno Peter, I built a one-page website to showcase his collection of screen prints “Rembrandt in colours”. I also designed the logo for the website. And since then I have been maintaining the website and making minor adjustments as needed.

Mariska Hammerstein
2022 – 2024

I designed and built the website for Mariska Hammerstein. I also provided weekly updates, so that the website remains safe and fast for visitors.

“Als kind wist ik het al: ik wilde schrijven en reizen. Dat is aardig gelukt!” – Mariska Hammerstein

Anke Noorman
2019 – 2020

I designed the website for Anke Noorman.

“Anke Noorman. Northerner with a formal background in philosophy, linguistics and art. Lover of language and water. Stargazer and would-be astronomy nerd.”

Pieterpad blog for Frederik & Anneliese 2024

For Frederik & Anneliese I’ve made a website, on which they can easily post a blog about their adventures while walking the Pieterpad.

Frederik & Anneliese op Pieterpad

2016 – 2022

For the Rembrandt Park Festival I take care of the social media channels surrounding the festival activities. I designed and built the website in 2018. Unfortunately, due to Corona, the website had to be stopped. With a bit of luck there will be another festival this year, so keep a close eye on social media.

“Rembrandt Park Festival. For and by local residents. This neighborhood festival with live music, flea market, poetry, theater, world cuisine, makers market, drinks, snacks and so much more is free to enter.”

Masseur over de vloer 2018 – 2019

I moved the website for Masseur over the floor and adapted it to the current wishes of the customer. Since then I have also been responsible for the maintenance of the website. I also manage their social media.

“Masseur over the floor is a platform of masseurs, each with their own massage specialties. With an on-site masseur you can book acupuncture or a massage for your home, office or event, both privately and for business purposes.”

Masseur has been closed since May 25, 2020.

Ruimschoots 2015 – 2018

I started my work at Ruimschoots Zwangerschapsmode in March 2015. I set up the webshop together with the web designer. Which I then managed and adjusted where necessary. For example, using Adobe Photoshop I made the collection photos suitable for the online lookbook, the webshop and various social media channels, such as; Facebook and Instagram. In addition to this work, I was also responsible for the cash register system, which we linked to the webshop, and I created and sent newsletters via Mailchimp.

The Ruimschoots Zwangerschapsmode store and webshop have been closed since May 2018 (after 22 years).

Ria Elfring 2019 – 2020

I created a website for Ria in WordPress with the Elementor builder. On this website you will find a selection of her artworks.

Ria Elfring is an artist who uses discarded materials to create something surprising and beautiful.

“For me, making art is something that I need. I have a creative free spirit. I am convinced that happiness is in your brain. I want to create, make without a moral underlying message. I like the unexpected, what happens or arises. – Ria Elfring”

Shop Tosca Soraya Otten
2022 – present

I am currently designing a webshop for Tosca Soraya Otten. More coming soon! Curious about more? keeps an eye on the website and social media (Instagram & Facebook).

Re-design for Sample House 2024

New design and CMS systeem for Sample House


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